Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Decisions that exclude up to half of the population (women) do not make sense when the success of those decisions rely on both men and women for their implementation. We have a societal responsibility to ensure that vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are included and accounted for in water allocation and management processes and outcomes.

While water resources management has evolved from technical disciplines of engineering, science, water data management, modelling, hydro-economics and the like, it is ultimately a social and political domain. All decisions informed by these technical disciplines are subject to trade-offs, power dynamics, negotiations, and assumptions. Australia has a lot to contribute to these efforts, not because we have solved gender and other inequalities in our own country, but because an increasing focus on gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in aid investments has been associated with significant experience and innovation regarding gender and inclusion that offer a meaningful contribution to improved water management.


Do you have these challenges?

  • Learning how to identify and analyse GESI barriers, opportunities and risks
  • Knowing what initiatives to include to promote and increase GESI outcomes
  • Being sure that your monitoring and evaluation system collects data that is disaggregated by sex, age, and disability, and includes indicators to measure GESI
  • Being confident that your work does no harm to vulnerable groups
  • Knowing that you have enough resources (human, financial, technical) for achieving GESI outcomes

Want to learn more about…

  • What GESI means
  • How to implement GESI
  • How to do (or commission) a gender analysis
  • How to promote your GESI efforts
  • What risks could emerge by not being GESI sensitive
  • Global experiences of gender and water resource management
  • GESI and SDG5 and SDG6? 

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