Water Tools

Reliable, replicable, and feasible data and tools to support legislation and policies is crucial for building trust in water allocation and management decision-making.

Australia is an internationally recognised leader in water policy development and water resource management under water scarce conditions. Fundamental to this has been a commitment to evidence-based decision making, achieved by investing in tools and methods that support the collection, analysis and presentation of water related data.  The Australian Government’s commitment to supporting government agencies to develop tools and methods to assist with hydrological modelling, remote sensing (DataCube) applications, and stream and runoff forecasting; and their integration has enabled Australia to thrive under increasingly water scarce conditions. Australia is able to assist countries adopt and adapt similar evidence-based decision making approaches to water management.


Do you have these challenges?

  • Integrating different models on one platform
  • Incompatible or incomplete hydrological data sets
  • Managing and maintaining modelling software
  • Disputes over shared data – between sectors or across borders
  • Implementing water laws and policies
  • Mapping the extent and change over time of water-related ecosystems (SDG 6.6.1)

Want to learn more about…

  • Hydrological modelling
  • Big data
  • Forecasting
  • Modelling platforms
  • Software
  • Remote sensing
  • Mapping
  • Nest modelling practices
  • Gaming tools
  • Water quality modelling
  • Decision support systems
  • Water accounting
  • Integrated systems modelling
  • Evidence-based scenario planning
  • Surface-groundwater modelling
  • Modelling communities of practice
  • River operations
  • Flood operations
  • Hydrographic data management
  • Innovation and technology

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