Our Team

The AWP’s management team is based in Canberra and oversees program management, collaborative partnerships, knowledge sharing, outreach, communication and ‘domain’ knowledge of the domestic and international water sectors. The Chief Executive and senior management staff meet regularly with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the AWP Advisory Committee on matters relating to the strategic planning and reporting of these areas. The team also works closely with its Australian and International Partners.


Nick Schofield
Chief Executive
Marian Neal
Partnerships & Knowledge Manager
Rory Hunter
Program Manager
Shannon Li
Communications Manager
Enesh Seyitmyradova
Senior Knowledge Officer
Ingrid Carlier
Senior Program Officer
Caitlin Windross
Snr Program Officer
Veitania Lepani
GEDSI and Program Officer
Zach Zaman
Finance Officer
Felicity Paul
Office Manager

The AWP Advisory Committee (AWPAC) was established by the eWater Ltd Board.  Committee members were appointed following an open call which attracted a large number of nominations from across the water sector.  The Committee is not a representative body, but appointments took into account gender, geographical reach and expertise across AWP’s four water management domains that are the focus of its work.

The purpose of the AWPAC is to advise and support the EWL Board in the successful execution of the AWP Grant Agreement by:

  • formally and visibly linking AWP to key stakeholder groups in the water industry in Australia and internationally;
  • providing independent information and advice on strategic issues or risks confronting AWP;
  • encouraging and supporting the exploration of new business ideas for the AWP that can generate opportunity;
  • providing specialist independent expertise in the assessment of international requests for funding through proposals; and
  • monitoring the performance of the AWP and considering options for improving performance.


Bob McMullan
Committee Chair
Hannah Birdsey
Committee Member
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Leith Boully
Committee Member
Joanne Chong
Committee Member
Anna Jackson
Committee Member
Malcolm Shepherd
Committee Member
Geoffrey Spencer
Committee Member
Jody Swirepik
Committee Member
Poh-Ling Tan
Committee Member
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The AWP Expert Review Panel (ERP) was established to ensure effective adoption of operational objectives and application of the Commonwealth’s ‘value for money’ procurement principles in the selection of partner teams.

The ERP consists of 15 members with high-level skills and experiences in water management, and collectively covering the following water sector domains:

  • River basin planning and management
  • Urban water policy and management
  • Irrigation modernisation and management
  • Enabling methods and technologies for water reform

Including cross-cutting issues such as Gender Equality and Social Inclusion.

Colin Chartres
Richard Davis
ERP Member
Annette Davison
ERP Member
Kevin Devlin
ERP Member
Jane Doolan
ERP Member
Melita Grant
ERP Member (GESI Specialist)
Helen Johnson
ERP Member (GESI Specialist)
Daniel Lambert
ERP Member
John Langford
ERP Member
Russell Merz
ERP Member
Suzette Mitchell
ERP Member (GESI Specialist)
Tom Mollenkopf
ERP Member
John Riddiford
ERP Member
Murray Smith
ERP Member